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Loving Families. Neighbors. Cities. Nations

Loving Families. Neighbors. Cities. Nations

About Us

Jesus Pattern

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What is the Jesus Pattern Network?
We are a mission organization that equips followers of Jesus to reimagine the church as "sent people" who:
  • Embrace the ambassador lifestyle
  • Engage in spiritual conversations
  • Discover disciplable people
  • Unleash contextual micro churches
Our Strategy

Matthew Parties: To connect with people who are not yet followers of Jesus or who want to follow him more effectively and begin to understand their spiritual journey

Micro Gatherings: To create “X Groups” to connect people to Jesus in a way that fosters obedience while reducing religious & cultural white noise. To create “X cellerate” Groups to identify and equip potential missional Christians.

Contextual Micro Churches: To practice living as Ambassadors of Jesus in authentic community that emerges from the harvest or through existing churches.

Our Values

* Reliance on the Holy Spirit
* Engaging in Spiritual Conversations
* Spending more time with less people
* Encouraging intentional discipleship and multiplication
* Practicing loving accountability
* Fostering authentic community

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Are you curious about knowing Jesus in a personal way? We would love to hear your story.
Want to learn how you can become an ambassador for Jesus in your context? Let's talk!
Is your church, organization, or gathering interested in launching your disciple-making movement?


The Movement

What does the movement mean to us? It means we want you to explore, ask questions, find hope and love, and adopt the pattern of Jesus as your own. Here at Jesus Pattern, we want people who have little to no spiritual background to grow their curiosity and love for Jesus and pattern their life after his. We're here to create an environment that overflows with love for Jesus and each other.
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Meet Our Pastors

People in the Service

Richard Whitaker

Daniella Steuber


Trevion Marvin

Senior Pastor

Elsie Johnston


Jerel Bechtelar


Ethelyn Gleason

Worship Leader

From Our Blogs

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October 8, 2023

JP63: Justice For All: How God Makes All Things Right

Justice in this life can be elusive. But, in His sovereign love, God will ensure ultimate justice at the end of this age.
August 20, 2023

JP62: Hidden Treasure: Discovering Ultimate Fulfillment In a Sea of Options

Like the Eldorado seekers, we can search for ultimate fulfillment from sources that drain our souls instead of filling them with treasure only Jesus can provide.
July 23, 2023

JP61: Moving On From Cultural Blindness: How Jesus Helps Us Shift From Complacency To Urgency

The fig tree was made to produce fruit, but when it doesn’t, it siphons nutrients and depletes the potential fruit-making from the other trees. We, too, were made to bear fruit but of the spiritual kind.
May 13, 2023

JP60: Mistaken Identity: Experience Real Peace In A World of Falsehoods

How do we reconcile the apparent contradiction that Jesus, the Prince of Peace, says that He came not to bring peace but fire and division?
April 22, 2023

JP 59: Burning Bright: How To Be Ready For Jesus' Unexpected Return

Rather than organizing our spiritual lives to strengthen morals and rally relationships to keep the American Dream from crashing, followers of Jesus remain ready by prioritizing Jesus' kingdom and its flourishing.
February 5, 2023

JP58: Radical Resilience: Breaking Free From Worry, Anxiety, and Fear

Three steps to learn radical resilience and live the abundant life you were meant to live.


Our Ministries

Women's Ministry

This ministry is made up of women of all ages, backgrounds, stages of life and interests, but the one thing that unites us together is our desire to pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and touch the lives of others with the gospel.

Tuesday and Thursday
Ethelyn Gleason



I have found a place at Orchard Church. It's like coming home again where the people are so warm and friendly and are genuinely concerned about you. Our pastor steps aside every Sunday allowing the Holy Spirit to use him as a "suit of working clothes." I cannot wait for Sunday to come!

Mabel Marx

Community Member since 
We've never been part of a church that's just getting started, so this is all new territory for us. The bottom line is, it's AWESOME! It's incredible to see God at work, bringing people together and making the pieces fall into place.

Dave Mendez

Community Member since
Orchard has been like a bonus prize for me. I fell in love with a man named Stephen who invited me to attend this church and I have fallen in love with Christ all over again because of this church and Phil Pike's gift of communicating God's love and grace.

Pho Tong

Community Member since
What drew me to Orchard were the strong family relationships. I grew up in church all my life, but did not know Christ Himself. He was so misrepresented in the religious 'Christianity' I knew. When I came to Orchard I met genuine, imperfect people who loved God and loved each other with all their hearts,

Emma Smith

Community Member since
I first came to Orchard when visiting my sister. For me, Orchard is an oasis where I can be refreshed with living water. Every Sunday I come with expectation of what message I will receive from our Lord. It is always great. It is a privilege to be part of Orchard!

Liz Johnson

Community Member since