Loving Families. Neighbors. Cities. Nations

Give To Extend The Kingdom Of God Into Neighborhoods And Needs Locally, Regionally, And Globally.

Photo of people's hands at Jesus Pattern
When you donate to the Jesus Pattern Network, you help fund the launching of micro churches and mission projects that engage people who are far from God, those struggling in their faith, and those desiring to go all-in as ambassadors of God.

Here are just some of the ways our network working together micro churches and our partners extend the presence of Jesus:
  • Providing a loving community for people who are disconnected from God and isolated from love.
  • Creating environments where people who are exploring a relationship with God find belonging where a new identity can take hold.
  • Establishing functioning groups of Christ-followers dedicated to addressing specific problems in the community while building transformational relationships.
  • Training, equipping and empowering explorers, ambassadors, and leaders to engage those around them with love and the life-changing message of the gospel of Jesus.